22 June 2013

Kruger Park floods - Jan 2013

During January 2013 Kruger Park was hit by some of the worst flooding in history, most of the flooding was caused by rain that fell in the catchment area of the major rivers, which is outside of the park itself. The flooding at Punda Maria Rest Camp and surrounds was due to rain that fell inside the park. This rain started the day before we arrived in the park and the night before the staff at Punda Maria worked throughout the night digging drainage furrows in the camping area. Luckily for us that was the worst of it during our stay, although we did have some heavy rain the days were relatively dry, although as with the whole of the park the dirt roads were closed for most of the time.

The road to Crooks Corner was a total no go

Just outside of Punda Maria Rest Camp

next to the main road between Punda Maria Gate and Pafuri road

the clearing for the electricity pylons soon became a water hazard. The next day this water had all disappeared 
Letaba River as seen from the restaurant on 19th January

Letaba River from the same spot on 20th January
Letaba River from the same area but on 21st January. the fence around the camp was totally under water in some places. The water was 1m below the 2000 flood line, the worst floods in recorded history

21st January, the high level bridge was under water. This bridge is 10 to 15m above the river bed

The Letaba River was flowing quickly and trees were being carried down river


  1. Wow, that's a huge amount of water!! The park seems to get hit quite regularly. Last year when we were there in Dec 11/Jan 12, they also had very heavy rain and flooding a few days after we left. Our camp site was totally under water at Letaba.