9 July 2014

Wollynecked Storks and Others

The latest range of photo's taken in and around the KZN South Coast.

Yellowrumped Tinkerbird, photo taken in my garden

immature Magpie Mannikin, my garden seems to be a stronghold for these uncommon birds

immature Blackheaded Oriole - the adult will have a darker head with a red eye and red beak

Wollynecked Storks

Wollynecked Stork

Wollynecked Storks - just look how the one one the right is holding it's lifted leg and gripping the other leg

1 July 2014

Crowned Eagle

I have been very quiet recently and I apologize for that, it is not that I have not been doing anything just haven't found the time to share anything with you.
for a long time I have been trying to capture my resident pair of Crowned Eagles in flight and never been able to but I finally managed to this the other day.

Crowned Eagles, male on the left and female on the right

Crowned Eagle pair

sub-adult Crowned Eagle
 The Crowned Eagle is not our largest Eagle in South Africa, that honor goes to the Martial Eagle, it is however the most powerful, and a truly awesome bird to have flying around. I was lucky enough to ring an adult female Crowned Eagle 2 weeks ago and what an awesome bird to ring, it takes a 26mm dia ring and its hind talon is in excess of 55mm.

I also had 2 Pied Crows flying around, then this Peregrene Falcon (on the left) chased them away