4 January 2015

Some Raptors of the Kruger Park Trip

Below are a few photo's of some raptors that we were able see, unfortunately as the rains had come so a lot of the migrant birds had not arrived.

female Bateleur, one of the most stunning Eagles of the region

The iconic African Fish Eagle, 

stunning Tawny Eagle

juv Tawny Eagle checking me out

Whitebacked Vulture

Whitebacked Vulture

Whiteheaded Vuklture eating a Scrub Hare, possibly a roadkill

Whiteheaded Vulture warning the Yellowbilled Kite not to come any closer

3 January 2015

Mammals of the Kruger Park

Some of the Mammals that we saw, no where near all of them but a small assortment of photo's

never mind Meercat Manor, we had a case of "Mongoose Manor", a family group of Banded Mongoose trying to get underground once they realised they had been spotted

Blackbacked Jackal on the hunt, a little upset with us as we were watching and possibly scaring his prey away

Cape Buffalo with Yellowbilled Oxpecker

I want that branch right there. Elephant eating part of his diet

A herd of 50 plus elephant

Mother and baby Elephant

Nothing better than a shower on a hot day

a mud bath does wonders for the complexion 

male Kudu

Thicktailed Bushbaby

one of the emerging tuskers of the park

love these guys Warthog

male Waterbuck

White Rhino, the way we should see these magnificent animals, not dead with their horns butchered off

White Rhino

Mother and Calf White Rhino

Blue Wildebeest

Cats of the Kruger Park

Wow it seems that I have not posted here for ages. Well we have returned from a 3 week trip to the Kruger National Park so I am slowly going to post photos from the trip in groups. The first group is going to be of the cats that we saw.

African Wild Cat in Satara Rest Camp. wondering what to do now that it has been seen

African Wild Cat. The animal that has evolved into our domestic cats

Cheetah, the first of 3 that we saw, but still the best sighting. 

Leopard, our first sighting of the trip, it was walking about 70m from the road in the same direction that we were heading

Leopard our second sighting


one of the many Lions that were seen

Lioness, lounging in the middle of the road.