12 November 2012

Birds in the Garden

Well this weekend the garden was a flutter of activity, caused by the rain abating and the sun coming out, one of the great offshoots of this is that the Flying Ants emerge and this is such a rich source of protein for the birds that you are likely to see all sorts of birds partaking in the feast. Even Raptors that would normally eat the smaller birds are content to eat flying ants and the result is an unforgettable period among the birds. Imagine having raptors flying mere meters away from you while you stand there watching in awe, even forgetting at times that you have a camera in your hands. Here are a few of the birds that I remembered to take photos of.

African Dusky Flycatcher - with his reward

Booted Eagle

Bronze Mannikin - also with his prize, even seed eaters can't resist the feast

Lesser Honeyguide - a seldom seen and photographed bird

Lesser Honeyguide

Longcrested Eagle - "watching me watching you"

female Violetbacked (Plumcoloured) Starling 

male Violetbacked (Plumcoloured) Starling

Yellowbilled Kite - showing how agile they are catching in his talons then putting it in his beak

Yellowfronted Canary - another seed eater with his protein prize