27 August 2014

African Fish Eagle

I just have to share this interaction between the adults and the immature African Fish Eagle

immature coming to get the adult

the immature failed to cause any damage, still has lots to learn

adult on the left and the immature on the right

2 August 2014

In and Around the KZN South Coast in July

the last month has been very quiet birding wise, we are just waiting for the migrants to arrive back from equatorial Africa and Europe. The Inter-African migrants are well on their way and should start to return in the next few days and the palearctic migrants should start showing next month. Here are some photo's from the last month.

"Caught in the Act" - Blacksmith Lapwings telling us that summer is on the way

African Darter - aka the Snake Bird due to its habit of swimming under water with only it's neck and head out of the water

Jackal Buzzards having a territorial dispute

Jackal Buzzards still having their dispute

Pied Kingfisher against the orange sky of a brilliant sunrise

male Village Weaver  already in full breeding plumage

male village Weaver displaying to the females at his nest