29 July 2012

Recent Bird Sightings

A selection of three birds that I recently photographed in my birding area. The first a Cape Griffon Vulture is such a graceful bird in flight that you can't get enough of them. The second is a Crowned Hornbill a bird that is common in our area but this was the first sighting in my garden. The third is another special bird that is endemic to Southern Africa and a winter visitor to our coast.
Cape Griffon Vulture
Such a graceful bird in flight

Cape Griffon Vulture
Just to show that the do sometimes flap their wings

Crowned Hornbill
Having a snack. Amazing how delicate they can be

Crowned Hornbill
What a beak, I have had one bite my finger once, it took another person using both hands to open its beak so I could remove my finger

Gurneys Sugarbird
Endemic species to Southern Africa and a winter visitor to our coast from the Drakensberg
Gurneys Dugarbird
Telling me to get the camera out of his face

7 July 2012

Greater Flamingo on the Umzumbe River

Periodically we get unusual birds arriving in our area and this week we were lucky enough to have an adult Greater Flamingo arrive. Although not a rarity they are very uncommon in this area so at least there was something different to look at instead of the usual birds. On Thursday there was also a Great White Egret close by. below are a few photos of the Flamingo and Egret.

Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo

Little and Large
Greater Flamingo and a Little Egret

Great White Egret