29 July 2012

Recent Bird Sightings

A selection of three birds that I recently photographed in my birding area. The first a Cape Griffon Vulture is such a graceful bird in flight that you can't get enough of them. The second is a Crowned Hornbill a bird that is common in our area but this was the first sighting in my garden. The third is another special bird that is endemic to Southern Africa and a winter visitor to our coast.
Cape Griffon Vulture
Such a graceful bird in flight

Cape Griffon Vulture
Just to show that the do sometimes flap their wings

Crowned Hornbill
Having a snack. Amazing how delicate they can be

Crowned Hornbill
What a beak, I have had one bite my finger once, it took another person using both hands to open its beak so I could remove my finger

Gurneys Sugarbird
Endemic species to Southern Africa and a winter visitor to our coast from the Drakensberg
Gurneys Dugarbird
Telling me to get the camera out of his face

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  1. Love the last pic of the Gurneys!! Classic. What a pleasure to have a Crowned Hornbill in your garden. Wow!