28 December 2013

Umzumbe Barn Swallow Roost

Below are a few pictures of the Barn Swallows at the Umzumbe Roost. For more information on the Roost please visit the official website that I have for the roost listed in the Links column.
Barn Swallows against the African Sunset
African Sunset with the swallows

adult in flight
Coming in to land
Another coming in to land
another in flight photo

immature in flight clearly showing the extent of the primary feather moult

25 December 2013

A Few more Bird Pics

It's been a month since my last post so here are a few more bird photo's

Barn Swallows coming in to the Roost at Umzumbe KZN, South Africa

juv Cape Griffon Vulture

add Cape Griffon Vulture

Giant Kingfisher

Grey Heron doing a fly-pass

Lazy Cisticola

Southern Greyheaded Sparrow

Water Thick-knee

Water Thick-knee flying away

Whitefaced Duck, often called whistling duck due to its call