24 June 2013

Kruger Park Animals - post 2

The second post of some of the animals encountered in the Kruger Park during the floods of January 2013

Dwarf Mongoose, common in most of the camps and throughout the park

Impala doe and a Redbilled Oxpecker have in quiet conversation 

Impala ram. There are so many Impala in the park, they do however serve a purpose in that they are prey for the huge number of predators

This Leopard actually walked across the road in front of the vehicle, unfortunately by the time I stopped and got the camera in my hands this was the best I could do

Lion on the road, this guy is so fat from eating he actually just lay down on the road and rested, not caring about the traffic jam he was causing. Then again its not a bad way to be caught in a traffic jam

Plains Zebra

Sharpes Grysbok, a very uncommon sighting to see, this was actually seen before we arrived at Punda Maria Rest Camp, we had only been the park for 20 minutes and saw them on 3 other occasions. Now what is so uncommon about that

Another photo of the Thicktailed Bushbaby

Waterbuck. Easily identified by the target on its rear

White Rhino. You can no longer tell people where you see these magnificent animals just in case they are scouts for a poacher syndicate. Its sad to think that in a few years they will become extinct unless something can be done to protect them, and the poachers want is the horn as in the east it is said to cure cancer and also used as an aphrodisiac, what a load of rubbish.

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