20 June 2013

Birds of the Kruger - post 1

The start of many of the birds that I was able to photograph whilst in the Kruger National Park in January 2013

African Mourning Dove. A very common bird in most of the rest camps

Arrowmarked Babbler. Such happy but noisy birds in their family groups

male Bennett's Woodpecker. I took this photo at Berg en Dal campsite, possibly the easiest place to see this Woodpecker. One of the few woodpeckers that is knwn to feed on the ground

Brownheaded Parrot. Taken in Berg en Dal rest camp

Eurasian Roller with breakfast. One of most common birds that we saw on the trip

Greenbacked Heron

Hamerkop on the left and Little Egret on the right

One of favorite bird photo's, this Jacobin Cuckoo was happy just to sit for me

Lesser Masked Weaver at Shingwedzi Rest Camp, 3 days before the camp was flooded and only the roofs of the units were visible. The sad thing is that the birds would have to abandon their nests including any eggs and nestlings

White Stork in flight

Yellowbilled Oxpecker


  1. Missed the Brownheaded Parrot on our trip! Fantastic birding, isn't it?

    1. Always good birding there and then the animals also give something else to look at.

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  2. Wonderful photos, Andrew! Here in Los Angeles with such fond memories of the Kruger. Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Pleased you enjoyed them Steve. Must admit the park is a wonderful place to be. I am planning on going again in October into November next year for 21 nights. Looking forward to it already