19 June 2013

Kruger National Park January 2013 - post 1

Firstly I must apologize for not posting sooner, but rather late than never.

In January 2013 I visited the Kruger National Park on a 17 night visit, starting up north at Punda Maria Rest Camp, then Letaba Rest Camp, both of these camps were visited during the floods that caused such havoc in the park, luckily we were not badly affected by the floods but it was an experience to witness them first hand. After these 2 camps we visited Satara, Lower Sabie and Berg en Dal Rest Camps in that order, the next visit for later in 2014 is being planned at the moment.

The following are some of the Animals that were seen, during the next few posts I will be including further photo's.

Hope you enjoy them.

My first ever sighting of a Cheetah in the wild, not the best photo but still a great experience

African Wild Cat

Blackbacked Jackal

Cape Buffalo

I love this photo of an African Elephant

A very pregnant Spotted/Laughing Hyena, such ugly animals but you still have to love them

This Lioness walked within 20cm of my open window, what an experience

Small Spotted Genet at Satara Rest Camp

Thicktailed Bushbaby at Letaba Rest Camp, This guy would shout all night above the tent,

White Rhino and Cattle Egret

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