21 June 2013

Birds of the Kruger - Post 2

The next set of photos of some of the birds that I saw in the Kruger, my total count for the trip was 240 species, considering the rain that we had was not a bad total.

African Scops Owl

A poor photo of a very special bird, Black Coucal. Some people visit the park 6 times a year for weekend breaks and never see this bird. It was a long way from the road and there is only so much that you can do with a 300mm lens

male Blackbacked Puffback, in Natal where I stay we have a different subspecies which has an orange eye, not the red eye of this subspecies

immature Carmine Bee-eater, a very common bird in the north of the park

Greater Blue-eared Starling, common throughout the park

Greyheaded Bushshrike, I took this photo at Letaba Rest Camp

Pied Kingfisher looking for lunch in the Sabie River

Redbilled Oxpecker hitching a lift on a Giraffe 

Yellowbilled Hornbill a bird I refer to as a flying banana for obvious reasons

Spotted Flycatcher

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  1. How lucky to see the Black Coucal. We looked for it but didn't find it, even though we were there for 2 weeks.