4 November 2013

Birds this Weekend

Firstly the Barn Swallows are arriving back at the Umzumbe Roost, over the next few weeks the numbers should steadily increase until we get to our estimate of between 2 and 2.5 million Barn Swallows coming into roost of an evening.

Swallows at the Umzumbe Roost
Barn Swallows at Umzumbe
While out ringing/banding on Sunday morning I saw this male Whitebellied Sunbird, A species that will not sit for me to take a photo. This one sat fine except he insisted on trying to hide.

male Whitebellied Sunbird

This morning after lots of trying to get this African Dusky Flycatcher sitting in the open, he finally obliged. Up until now he has always been hiding in dark places where I had to use a fill in flash (which I hate to do).
African Dusky Flycatcher

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