8 July 2013

The last post from the Kruger Trip

This unfortunately will be the last post from the Kruger Trip, posting these pictures makes me want to hit the road and go back there, unfortunately it looks like I will have to wait till next year when the next trip is planned, this time it will be before the rains come.

At Satara we went on a night drive and when we came back vehicles were heading out to another Rhino poaching incident, the next day the army helicopters were in and out all day following it up, so glad to see first hand how hard they are working, unfortunately more are killed at a rising rate.

Eurasian Bee-eater with a snack

Lesser-striped Swallow gathering mud to build its nest at Punda Maria Rest Camp

Mountain Wagtail also known as Longtailed Wagtail, to me a better name as they are always found in or near mountains

imm Redbilled Helmetshrike

Redbilled Hornbill

Redbreasted Swallows

Yellowbilled Hornbill

Tawny Eagle

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