15 September 2012

Bird Ringing 09.09.2012

With rain falling for a few days beforehand you never know what to do when it comes to ringing, do you believe the weather forecast or not. Well 2 out of the 3 weather forecast’s that I use told me that Sunday 9th Sept would be perfect and the 3rd was undecided, so the word went out that ringing would take place, and what a day it was. The nets were up before the crack of dawn (normal practice), which meant that they were up before 05h45.

In total 21 birds were caught in the patch of forest that I use, now catching birds in a forest is difficult, however this patch is low enabling some of the canopy birds to be caught. Out of the 21 birds 7 were recaptures, including Greenbacked Camaroptera, Redcapped (Natal) Robinchat, Whitebrowed Scrubrobin, a Pair of Terrestrial Brownbul the female of which was ringed here 6 years ago and recaptured 5 times since it was ringed, and the best recapture (beauty wise) was a Gorgeous Bushshrike that was ringed here in November last year as an immature bird and was now in full adult plumage.
Gorgeous Bushshrike

Some of the birds that were new captures included an Emerald Spotted Wood Dove, a bird that is very seldom recorded on our coast so this was special, in fact it is one of those birds that is not easily seen. Another special bird was a Knysna Turaco, these must be one of the most attractive birds around, the facial markings are exquisite and I challenge any woman to apply makeup so perfectly. Other birds included a pair of Southern Black Tits, not a common bird and very seldom caught in the nets. One of the last birds was an immature Orangebreasted Bushshrike.

Emerald Spotted Dove

Knysna Turaco

immature Orangebreasted Bushshrike

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