19 June 2012

Bird Ringing Umzumbe Floodplain 17.06.2012

Winter can be a very boring time for ringing as the palearctic migrants are all in Europe and most of our local birds are in their drab non-breeding plumage, however most of these birds are either moulting into breeding plumage or are already in ful breeding plumage. What this means is a mystery, are we going to have a warm winter or even no winter to speak of at all, one thing for certain is that those people who don't believe in Global Warming and/or Climate Change need to start looking at nature.
Below are a few photographs of some of the birds that were caught, I am not including some of the common birds that have been published in other posts.
sub adult Redcapped Robin Chat
male Redheaded Quelea coming into breeding plumage
male Redbilled Firefinch
female Redbilled Firefinch

Brimstone Canary

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