30 January 2012

Last weeks best

Last week was very quiet except for the Barn Swallow ronging, over the last weekend I ringed 99 Barn Swallows making the seasons total so far 595 birds.

While I was catching swallows on Thursday evening the nets were being packed away and 2 stragler birds flew into the already closed nets, they were no Swallows but Little Bee-eaters, one of the most attractive birds on the Umzumbe Floodplain.
Little Bee-eater

A close up of the Little Bee-eater

I also went to investigate a Crowned Eagle nest in Hibberdene where I found the chick to be excercising his wings in anticipation of flying for the first time.

young African Crowned Eagle - I hate the tree though

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  1. Great pic of the bee-eater, what a lucky find...