18 September 2011

Birds in the Garden Today

Deciding to have a lazy Sunday relaxing in the garden today and spend some time doing some photography was one of the best things I could have done on a hot 33deg heat with high humidity on top of the temperature, it would appear that summer has finally arrived.
The day started with the usual visitors Yellowbilled Kite, Magpie Mannikins etc, then everything scattered and a male African Goshawk landed on the wash line and was looking at one of the rabbits and trying to decide if he could take him away, he decided against it which was a good job as the rabbit weighs in at about 3.5kg. I had previously ringed 2  Goshawks at home and this male was ringed just over 2 years previously.

African Goshawk

Next to sit for photo's was a female Brownhooded Kingfisher.

Brownhooded Kingfisher

This was then followed by a flock of Blackbellied Starlings that had the right idea and cooled off in the bird bath, this bird then sat in the Flat Crown and preened itself.

Blackbellied Starling

Numerous other birds made an appearance including the Lanner Falcon but then royalty arrived in the form of the majestic African Fish Eagle.

Majestic African Fish Eagle

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  1. Ah Andrew, I need to move!!! What wonderful birds you have in your garden. I absolutely love living in the Western Cape, it is so beautiful and has almost everything I could ask for... but it is sadly lacking in bird variety and I envy you and your feathered friends.